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Our diverse team of tax and finance professionals are experts in business across the Asia Pacific region.


Calibre Business Advisory are Australian and Asia-Pacific business experts. Our firm was developed on the principle of being equally proficient in tax and business advisory in Asia as we are in Australia. We have worked successfully with numerous firms in Asia and have our own dedicated office in Seoul.



Doing business in Korea allows you to capitalise on Korea’s demand for specific imports, its highly professional business culture, and its world leading status as a technology manufacturing nation. 

With offices in Sydney and Seoul, our firm is uniquely positioned to manage the dynamic nature of doing business in Korea and the significant differences between Korean and Australian business cultures.

We utilise a team of professionals who are equally comfortable with the Korean tax, regulatory, and cultural environment as they are with the Australian system. We can help you not only access export incentives such as the EMDG, but set up for long-term success when doing business in Korea.

Our services in Korea:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Korean tax advice and compliance
  • Consulting engagements such as risk management workshops and business process reorganisation
  • Customer experience consulting
  • Grant access and spending, including the EMDG
  • Helping Australian customers launch products on the Korean market
  • Recruiting talent and building out finance functions


Calibre Business Advisory was founded by professionals who are equally at home with doing business in Australia and doing business in China.

Calibre’s Directors routinely visit clients who are doing business in China. We speak Mandarin and Cantonese and have developed a strong network across various regions. We manage transfer pricing strategy and full outsourcing of finance with our virtual CFO services. These transfer pricing, taxation, and strategic services have seen us add value to the operations of numerous clients.

You too can take advantage of a booming middle-class, the world’s largest Internet user population, and a Free Trade Agreement with Australia. But you need business advisors, virtual CFOs, tax accountants and transfer pricing methods that are devised by professionals who have spent years doing business China. Our clients have found that the unique experience of our team cannot be matched by other China desks.

Our services in China:

  • Creating compliant and profitable transfer pricing, taxation, and sale strategies
  • Managing currency, finance, grant, and funding strategy
  • Developing business, cultural, and regulatory contacts and networks in China
  • Various trips to China to highlight investment opportunities in Australia
  • Evaluating investment opportunities for potential Chinese investors
  • Organising project launch events in China
  • Recruiting talent and building out finance functions


Vietnam is arguably the number one emerging economy of Asia. It stands where China did 20 years ago – ready to surge ahead, and take savvy investors ahead into new levels of growth. Foreign investors have flocked to Vietnam of late, drawn to low costs, abundance of labour, and increasingly skilled workforce. At Calibre, we can help tap into this growth with an informed tax and business plan.

We have had the opportunity to engage in business and strategic planning in a number of sectors, including Vietnamese education and agribusiness. This has helped us successfully advise foreign investors in setting up and remaining compliant in these industries. Our entity structure set-up services have been tailored to the nuances of Vietnamese regulations.

We understand the nexus of Australian-Vietnamese tax and business regulatory systems, and so have given our clients more than just routine tax or Asian business guidance. We have provided Vietnamese specific advice on compliance, tax, and strategy in order to secure the best possible pathways for success.

The end result is that we boast a team with a unique grasp of what is needed for international investors to be successful in Vietnam, and what is need for Vietnamese investors to be compliant and profitable in Australia.

Our services in Vietnam:

  • Structuring advice for entities in both Australia and Vietnam
  • Legal and tax advice on repatriating funds and protecting IP
  • Statutory direction on getting a business license, an office, or a business partner in Vietnam
  • Realistic scheduling for statutory approvals
  • Licenses for a company stamp, local tax, and bank accounting
  • Language and cultural support, and advice on how to hire employees and enter contracts
  • Recruiting talent and building out finance functions


Singapore is a thriving global financial hub with transparent and well established financial and legal infrastructure. Singapore prides itself on its stability and security.

Singapore’s economy is a highly developed free-market. It has consistently been ranked as the most open economy in the world is often viewed as a gateway into Asia with many businesses setting up their regional headquarters.

Singapore and Australia joint agreements reduce the overall tax burden on citizens of both countries by eliminating the double taxation of income between the two countries.

This is especially relevant for Singapore businesses who intend to set up operations in Australia or returning citizens with personal or business income derived from Singapore. Whether you intend to establish a business in Australia or plan to return to Australia, Calibre can assist you in setting up a structure that is right for you and/or your business.

Our services in Singapore:

  • Connecting business in Singapore with advice on business set up in Australia.
  • Advice to returning citizens with personal or business income derived from Singapore
  • Recruiting talent and building out finance functions

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