Calibre Business Advisory welcomes two new divisions, expanding services profile

Calibre Business Advisory is proud to offer a greater diversity of services with the launch of two new divisions – Calibre Global Search and Calibre Corporate Advisory.

The two divisions represent Calibre Business Advisory’s expansion into the recruitment and corporate advisory markets respectively.

Calibre Global Search is a ground-breaking approach to recruitment in the finance sector. The global search firm runs on the principal of ‘accountants in recruitment’, leveraging the skill of qualified accountants across the firm to deliver on recruitment engagements

Calibre Global Search’s recruiters are based at offices across Sydney, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

The division is led by Tony Nguyen, a chartered accountant himself with 15 years’ experience in various C-level executive roles across leading global finance organisations.

“I am excited to join the Calibre Business Advisory family with Calibre Global Search, which will combine expertise across both accounting and recruitment to push our talent’s potential beyond their boundaries,” says Calibre Global Search Director Tony Nguyen.

“By leveraging the skills of our qualified accountants, clients and candidates alike have the confidence that our placements are backed with expert knowledge in placing the right talent in market into the right roles.”

Calibre Corporate Advisory also joins the Calibre Business Advisory group. The Calibre Corporate Advisory team provides tailored advice on mergers and acquisitions, funding, IPO, and valuations to maximise shareholder value and promote growth.

Director John Shim is a significant figure in the local business community, bringing over 24 years of experience as an auditor and business advisor to the Calibre Corporate Advisory team.

Calibre Business Advisory CEO and Managing Director Kevin Bae shares his enthusiasm towards the addition of the two new divisions to Calibre Business Advisory.

“We welcome the Calibre Global Search and Calibre Corporate Advisory to the Calibre Business Advisory group.”

“The wealth of global experience and goals of the Calibre Global Search and Calibre Corporate Advisory divisions align with Calibre Business Advisory’s mission to be the leading specialist business advisory firm across Australia and the Asia Pacific. We look forward to working with our new divisions to offer more services to clients at the high-quality they have come to expect from the Calibre name.”

Calibre Global Search and Calibre Corporate Advisory join the Calibre Business Advisory international group of firms, with offices across Sydney, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam offering business and audit services.